Grey Hair Extensions – The Cool New Hue

Become a silver vixen with Belong Hair’s new range of grey hair extensions.

The grey hair trend has just taken the hairdressing world by storm, and with Belong Hair taking more orders for grey hair extensions than any other product this year, we decided to look into what makes grey hair the new blonde.

Sites like Instagram, Tumblr and other blogging sites are continuously hunting for and showcasing new trends.  Silvery grey hues have taken over the social media world, with bloggers and celebrities posting pictures of the new hair phenomenon.  Many believe that the fascination with what is normally considered to be ageing hair comes from the latest catwalks.  With a revival of monochrome styles, grey most certainly is the new black in the fashion world, and this, it seems, has transferred to fashion accessories, including grey hair extensions and grey hair dye.

So what do bloggers think about the revival of grey tones?  The overall consensus seems to be that dyeing your locks a silvery hue is an extremely time-consuming process which involves stripping the natural hair colour with bleach.  Whilst this works well for shorter hairstyles in the short term, using copious amounts of bleach on natural hair can be extremely damaging to the hair follicles, resulting in dry, brittle and broken hair.

But Belong Hair believe that the increase in sales in grey hair extensions is the answer to the problem of over-colouring natural hair.  Our grey hair extensions come in the high quality grade 4+, and the real human grey hair extensions are made from premium Russian hair.   Our new, popular shade of grey hair extensions are a very versatile silvery shade which fits with most skin tones.  We do advise that, when choosing your grey hair extensions, you update your makeup.  Going grey is a bold look, but if you’re fair skinned, warmer makeup colours will look glam and stop you from looking washed out.

“Granny” grey hair extensions, as bloggers are dubbing the new colour trend, are not only less jarring than past red and pink trends, but is seen as more socially acceptable for work purposes.  Many women use grey hair extensions to blend the acceleration of naturally greying hair, whereas celebrities such as Rihanna use grey hair extensions as a statement that, when it comes to hair colour, ombre is out and silver is very much in.

The Importance Of Hair Extensions

It seems nowadays that you can’t turn your head without being faced with a whole host of different hair extensions.  But why the sudden rise in popularity for clip in human hair extensions?  And why have these seemingly superficial products become so important in modern society?


Hair, especially its volume and length, has long been a symbol of status.  In the Middle Ages, Kings of Europe were encouraged to wear their hair long, whereas the poor had their hair cut with knives to stop the spread of disease.  Not that we’re implying that shorter, pixie cuts are “poor”, but long, luscious locks certainly still reflect an air of superiority.  Take our newest Royal, Kate Middleton, as an example.  The Duchess of Cambridge had five hours’ worth of hairdressing before introducing Prince George to the world – including exquisite real clip in human hair extensions.


It’s true that we always want what we can’t have.  But with the availability of clip in human hair extensions, it’s now easier than ever to create the hairstyle you’ve always wanted.  If your tresses are looking tired and thing, add clip in human hair extensions for a bouncy, buoyant effect.  If you’re impatient for your bob to grow out, add extensions for longer, luscious locks.  And if you’re eager for your mane to reflect your vibrant personality, add colourful, courageous clip in human hair extensions for fuss-free, funky hair.  Clip in human hair extensions are the perfect way to express your individuality, no matter what your natural look dictates.


Looking your best can seriously impact on your state of mind.  A great set of clip in human hair extensions can transform your look from washed out to wonderful, getting you ready for that all important interview, business meeting, speech or social event.

Hair loss or hair thinning can cause loss of confidence in women.  But clip in human hair extensions can give you your mojo back by filling out your head and bumping up your bouffant.


According to a Harvard study released in 2003, a drastically different haircut can have a huge impact on our physical and psychological health.  Having the hair style we desire can increase serotonin levels, the chemical that is responsible for maintaining mood levels and keeps depression at bay.  In turn, this can help lower anxiety levels and even lower your blood pressure.  Using clip in human hair extensions to achieve your dream hair could mean you not only look fabulous, you’ll feel and actually be a little more fabulous too.

Far from just being an accessory, clip in human hair extensions can be transformational for body, mind and soul.  For a full range of clip in human hair extensions, and many more comprehensive extension options, please browse our product range at Belong Hair.

Hair Extensions for Summer

Summer is upon us, and we’re all looking for that perfect hairdo to make us look like a sun goddess over the summer months.  At Belong Hair, we have the perfect solution for your beach, holiday and festival needs – hair extensions for summer.

Why use hair extensions?

Hair extensions can give you the best of all summer scenarios.  You see, using hair extensions can give you that wavy, glowing, summer-ready look.  This is without backcombing, hair spraying, tinting or bleaching. Want volume, length and a look of vitality?  You can’t go wrong with hair extensions for summer. Using lighter coloured hair extensions, blended with your natural hair, can give you a sun-kissed look without the dangers of scorching your scalp and singeing your roots.  Hair extensions for summer festivals are also a hassle-free way to have glossy looking hair, even if you’re knee-deep in mud.  We recommend that you use brightly coloured wefts for a funky festival look, making you stand out no matter how large the crowd.

Which are the best hair extensions for summer?

At Belong Hair we’re fans of all types of hair extensions.  But we’re aware that certain wefts are preferable to others when the weather is hot.  You don’t want to be trying to pull off sun goddess, and end up sweating from your scalp.  Clip in hair extensions, for example, are a little too hot and bulky for the summer.  You want to spend less time putting in your extensions, and more time enjoying barbecues in the sunshine.

At Belong hair, we believe that tape in extensions are the best hair extensions for summer.  The extensions themselves are extremely lightweight, and they deal better with humidity.  Once they’re in, you don’t have to spend the duration of the holiday re-adjusting them – they’re in!  If you’re going away to warmer climes for the summer, you’ll be looking for a holiday full of ease and relaxation.  We believe that tape in hair extensions will be the lowest maintenance and hassle free option for you.

Hair extensions for summer: special care tips.

Now you know which extensions are best for your fun in the sun.  Here are a few tips on how to maintain your tropical tresses.

Humidity and sun exposure can cause your extensions to dry out. Use a leave-in conditioner, such as the ones available at the Belong Hair online shop, to make sure your hair stays fresh and oxygenated.

We recommend not to use sea salt sprays on your hair extensions. These sprays can create beachy waves on natural hair.  But the salt extracts moisture and oils from the hair follicles, making the hair dry and straw-like.  This reduces the longevity of the weft.

Don’t get them wet, if you can help it. Sure, hot weather is the perfect time for a dip in the pool, or, if you’re braver, a swim in the sea.  But salt and chlorine damage the bonds, and make them extremely fragile.  If you are too tempted by a splash around, then we suggest that you gently pull your hair into a loose, low bun to avoid tangling.

We’re big advocates of keeping sun safe here at Belong Hair.  But we do urge you to be careful not to get sun tan lotion over your hair extensions. Much in the same way as chlorine, sun tan lotion clogs the bonds and the hair attached to them, and will effectively ruin your locks.

Hair accessories are a great way to update your look daily and accentuate your summer outfits.  More importantly, they protect your extensions from sun damage – so go mad with hats and head scarves!

Nail Tip Hair Extensions

Let’s face it, hair extensions aren’t going out of fashion any time soon.  But with new methods of perfecting your tresses being created all the time, it’s difficult to know your keratin composites from your micro loop rings.  So we’ve decided to bust the jargon, and the nonsense, and focus on the types of extensions that have remained the most popular throughout the hair extension revolution: nail tip hair extensions.

So why are nail tip hair extensions so popular?  Well, the nail tip was the first type of pre bonded hair extension on the market, meaning that, rather coming as hair and a separate glue gun, the strands of human hair are held together with a dried keratin glue tip that looks just like your little fingernail.  The extensions look similar to wisps of your own hair.  The keratin tip is heated, fusing the glue to your own natural hair by rolling the melted keratin tip into the hair.  Melting the tip to the existing hair helps create a tight sealed bond between it and the pre bonded extensions.  All sound a bit sticky?  The keratin heats and cools very quickly, meaning that the extensions can be fitted quickly and easily, leaving you with thick locks in under two hours.

So why are nail tip hair extensions remained so popular?  Well, unlike other types of hair extensions, you can re-use nail tips.  After a few months of having hair extensions, your hair will have grown, and normally, you would have to have new extensions fitted.  But with nail tip hair extensions, you can re-tip the pre bonded hair, as long as you have kept it in good condition.

It’s not unusual for people to be wary of brushing hair extensions, as it’s thought that this will pull the extensions from the natural hair, resulting in a dodgy moulting effect.  This couldn’t be further from the truth – if you brush the extensions daily, keeping the hair from tangling and breaking, you’re likely to have long lasting and reusable extensions that will last for months.  Use a special brush or comb to ensure that you don’t lose extensions.  Losing two or three will be commonplace, as not all bonds will be tight enough.  But losing 10 or more means you’re doing something wrong.  Remember, brushing means less bald spots, not more.

Removal of the extensions is also simple, although we strongly recommend that you have your extensions applied and removed by a professionally trained specialist at an extension salon.  Keratin removal involves an acetone based solution to dissolve the glue – not things you’ll want to be messing about with at home.  Reduce the frizz and burn risks by heading to the salon and to the experienced hands of the professionals.

What Belong Hair Offers

Belong Hair offer an extensive range of nail tip hair extensions, available to suit every hair type.  Nail tip hair extensions by Belong Hair can be straightened, curled or dyed.  Alternatively, blend your natural colour with a different colour extension for a confident and bespoke look.  Buy the hair extension type that’s stood the test of time from a reputable and trusted company: nail tip hair extensions by Belong Hair.

Are braids for everyone?

Summer is the best time to experiment with different up-dos. There is so many to choose from the list is endless.


Not comfortable with an up-do? Try a braided style. With so many different ways to braid and even more ways to style them, today we can use braids to add style to any ‘do, especially those with hair extensions.  Why not try a braided pony or a French braid?

Red like Rihanna

Fashion shades and bright effect colours are the hardest to keep fresh and vibrant in your hair but with Belong hair extensions we can achieve it all.   Subtle highlights,  bright jaw dropping shades blues and reds are all available at Belong. We can blend them into your own hair colour for a completely natural highlighted effect or go all out and add a complete section of bold, vibrant result.

5 reasons for hair extensions!

Five reasons to having hair extensions!

The thing I love about my job is seeing the way Hair Extensions can transform the way people feel about themselves.

It is amazing what results you can achieve by adding volume, length or colour.

Hair Extensions are a great way to create that instant new look!!

Five reasons for having Hair Extensions:-

  • If you struggle to grow your natural hair.
  • When hair is really fine and needs that extra volume.
  • They are a great way to change your look and boost your confidence and it is instant.
  • Best solution to deal with a bad haircut.
  • Great way to add highlight effects without having to bleach your natural hair.

A consultation should always be carried out before having hair extensions fitted, this will ensure that your hair is suitable for extensions.Check the colour match, help to decide on the look you wish to achieve.

Give us a call on 0191 487 2025 we are more than happy to advise you.