The Importance Of Hair Extensions

It seems nowadays that you can’t turn your head without being faced with a whole host of different hair extensions.  But why the sudden rise in popularity for clip in human hair extensions?  And why have these seemingly superficial products become so important in modern society?


Hair, especially its volume and length, has long been a symbol of status.  In the Middle Ages, Kings of Europe were encouraged to wear their hair long, whereas the poor had their hair cut with knives to stop the spread of disease.  Not that we’re implying that shorter, pixie cuts are “poor”, but long, luscious locks certainly still reflect an air of superiority.  Take our newest Royal, Kate Middleton, as an example.  The Duchess of Cambridge had five hours’ worth of hairdressing before introducing Prince George to the world – including exquisite real clip in human hair extensions.


It’s true that we always want what we can’t have.  But with the availability of clip in human hair extensions, it’s now easier than ever to create the hairstyle you’ve always wanted.  If your tresses are looking tired and thing, add clip in human hair extensions for a bouncy, buoyant effect.  If you’re impatient for your bob to grow out, add extensions for longer, luscious locks.  And if you’re eager for your mane to reflect your vibrant personality, add colourful, courageous clip in human hair extensions for fuss-free, funky hair.  Clip in human hair extensions are the perfect way to express your individuality, no matter what your natural look dictates.


Looking your best can seriously impact on your state of mind.  A great set of clip in human hair extensions can transform your look from washed out to wonderful, getting you ready for that all important interview, business meeting, speech or social event.

Hair loss or hair thinning can cause loss of confidence in women.  But clip in human hair extensions can give you your mojo back by filling out your head and bumping up your bouffant.


According to a Harvard study released in 2003, a drastically different haircut can have a huge impact on our physical and psychological health.  Having the hair style we desire can increase serotonin levels, the chemical that is responsible for maintaining mood levels and keeps depression at bay.  In turn, this can help lower anxiety levels and even lower your blood pressure.  Using clip in human hair extensions to achieve your dream hair could mean you not only look fabulous, you’ll feel and actually be a little more fabulous too.

Far from just being an accessory, clip in human hair extensions can be transformational for body, mind and soul.  For a full range of clip in human hair extensions, and many more comprehensive extension options, please browse our product range at Belong Hair.