WEFT 4A+ Premium

◦ Type: 100% human hair Weave

◦ Style: Straight

◦ Materials: Finest 100% Human hair

◦ Grade: 4A+ Premium

◦ Weight: 103g

Important! Product Type and Length must be selected before you can select a Colour.



Weft 4A+ Premium

If you’re looking for good quality and well double drawn at purse friendly prices; look no further! Belong hair bring you our Premium range of extensions featuring 100% grade 4A+ premium human hair.Same thickness all the way down from top to end. Hair sourced from India is known to be long lasting, soft to the touch and made to the finest standards. The premium weft is full and thick, providing the ultimate in volume. With no tangling, a natural healthy sheen and a frizz free finish guaranteed each time, you can have achieve show stopping style you’ve only dreamt about. The hair will remain silky straight time and time again.

Weighing in at 100 grams there is enough hair to enhance an average full head. With sizes ranging from 14 to 22  inches you can choose to opt for subtle sophistication or extreme cascading length. We also have a wide range of colours available to suit any tone. Please purchase one of our colour rings to gain a true representation of the colours available. Make sure you care for your hair extensions with the correct products to keep them looking healthy for up to 6 months. Everyday shampoos and conditioners don’t provide the nutrients that are needed to maintain the look and feel of hair after it has been removed from the scalp. Instead invest in specially designed aftercare which has the ingredients necessary to help hair stay pristine for longer.

How to use:

There are many ways to apply wefts to the natural hair;

Make your own clip in extension set


  • By measuring the weft up to your head, you can cut individual sections which fit your head perfectly. This allows for more customisation and better overall coverage. Once cut, you simply sew snap clips along the edge of the weft using a thread and needle. The metal snap clips have small holes in the top corners to sew through.


The bonding method

This involves cutting the weft into sections or strands and using bonding glue to attach to the natural hair. The glue can be from a bottle, glue gun or hot pot. The glue often needs a couple of minutes to dry and in this time it is recommended to apply pressure to ensure a firm bond.

The weave method


  • With this procedure the hair is sewn onto the head using a weaving thread and needle. Firstly the natural hair is braided into cornrows which allows the sections of weft to be easily attached. This method is usually done by professionals.


The tape method


  • Using specially designed double sided extension tape the hair is cut into sections and the tape is stuck to the machine wefted edge. After selecting a section of your natural hair, peel the backing paper off the tape and stick this underneath your hair with the tape side upwards to attach to the hair. Then take another section of weft, peel the backing paper off the tape and apply face down onto the same piece of natural hair. This should form a sandwiched effect with your own hair in between. The adhesive tape then bonds together to form a secure grip.


Additional information

Weight 165 g
Dimensions 60 × 12 × 12 cm



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