Grey Hair Extensions – The Cool New Hue

Become a silver vixen with Belong Hair’s new range of grey hair extensions.

The grey hair trend has just taken the hairdressing world by storm, and with Belong Hair taking more orders for grey hair extensions than any other product this year, we decided to look into what makes grey hair the new blonde.

Sites like Instagram, Tumblr and other blogging sites are continuously hunting for and showcasing new trends.  Silvery grey hues have taken over the social media world, with bloggers and celebrities posting pictures of the new hair phenomenon.  Many believe that the fascination with what is normally considered to be ageing hair comes from the latest catwalks.  With a revival of monochrome styles, grey most certainly is the new black in the fashion world, and this, it seems, has transferred to fashion accessories, including grey hair extensions and grey hair dye.

So what do bloggers think about the revival of grey tones?  The overall consensus seems to be that dyeing your locks a silvery hue is an extremely time-consuming process which involves stripping the natural hair colour with bleach.  Whilst this works well for shorter hairstyles in the short term, using copious amounts of bleach on natural hair can be extremely damaging to the hair follicles, resulting in dry, brittle and broken hair.

But Belong Hair believe that the increase in sales in grey hair extensions is the answer to the problem of over-colouring natural hair.  Our grey hair extensions come in the high quality grade 4+, and the real human grey hair extensions are made from premium Russian hair.   Our new, popular shade of grey hair extensions are a very versatile silvery shade which fits with most skin tones.  We do advise that, when choosing your grey hair extensions, you update your makeup.  Going grey is a bold look, but if you’re fair skinned, warmer makeup colours will look glam and stop you from looking washed out.

“Granny” grey hair extensions, as bloggers are dubbing the new colour trend, are not only less jarring than past red and pink trends, but is seen as more socially acceptable for work purposes.  Many women use grey hair extensions to blend the acceleration of naturally greying hair, whereas celebrities such as Rihanna use grey hair extensions as a statement that, when it comes to hair colour, ombre is out and silver is very much in.