Nail Tip Hair Extensions

Let’s face it, hair extensions aren’t going out of fashion any time soon.  But with new methods of perfecting your tresses being created all the time, it’s difficult to know your keratin composites from your micro loop rings.  So we’ve decided to bust the jargon, and the nonsense, and focus on the types of extensions that have remained the most popular throughout the hair extension revolution: nail tip hair extensions.

So why are nail tip hair extensions so popular?  Well, the nail tip was the first type of pre bonded hair extension on the market, meaning that, rather coming as hair and a separate glue gun, the strands of human hair are held together with a dried keratin glue tip that looks just like your little fingernail.  The extensions look similar to wisps of your own hair.  The keratin tip is heated, fusing the glue to your own natural hair by rolling the melted keratin tip into the hair.  Melting the tip to the existing hair helps create a tight sealed bond between it and the pre bonded extensions.  All sound a bit sticky?  The keratin heats and cools very quickly, meaning that the extensions can be fitted quickly and easily, leaving you with thick locks in under two hours.

So why are nail tip hair extensions remained so popular?  Well, unlike other types of hair extensions, you can re-use nail tips.  After a few months of having hair extensions, your hair will have grown, and normally, you would have to have new extensions fitted.  But with nail tip hair extensions, you can re-tip the pre bonded hair, as long as you have kept it in good condition.

It’s not unusual for people to be wary of brushing hair extensions, as it’s thought that this will pull the extensions from the natural hair, resulting in a dodgy moulting effect.  This couldn’t be further from the truth – if you brush the extensions daily, keeping the hair from tangling and breaking, you’re likely to have long lasting and reusable extensions that will last for months.  Use a special brush or comb to ensure that you don’t lose extensions.  Losing two or three will be commonplace, as not all bonds will be tight enough.  But losing 10 or more means you’re doing something wrong.  Remember, brushing means less bald spots, not more.

Removal of the extensions is also simple, although we strongly recommend that you have your extensions applied and removed by a professionally trained specialist at an extension salon.  Keratin removal involves an acetone based solution to dissolve the glue – not things you’ll want to be messing about with at home.  Reduce the frizz and burn risks by heading to the salon and to the experienced hands of the professionals.

What Belong Hair Offers

Belong Hair offer an extensive range of nail tip hair extensions, available to suit every hair type.  Nail tip hair extensions by Belong Hair can be straightened, curled or dyed.  Alternatively, blend your natural colour with a different colour extension for a confident and bespoke look.  Buy the hair extension type that’s stood the test of time from a reputable and trusted company: nail tip hair extensions by Belong Hair.