Hair Extension Trends for 2017


We have brought together the latest Hair Extension Trends of 2017. Belong Hair have included 2 colours and a few styles that are in trend this year.

The Colours

Super Dark Brown

One of the colours you can expect to see a lot throughout of 2017 is the very dark and rich brown. This colour, almost resembling black, is taking over from the lighter chocolate and caramel brown. However, if you don’t want to go all dark, the natural brown and caramel are still very cool.


In 2017 we are introduced to yet another of these funny sounding cool hair colour trends, namely ‘bronde’. This colour is, as the name suggests, a mix between dark blonde and light brown. It’s a dark, golden blonde becoming lighter towards the ends. The feature of this colour is that in some lights it will look blonde, while in others it will look brown.

The Styles

Super Straight Hair

The super straight hair with middle parting is back! It’s a stylish and beautiful look for a true fashion guru who wants a simple and clean look. This trend will looks good with most hair length. However, you need to make sure it goes with your face shape. You can purchase straight hair extensions here

Longer locks

In contrast, if you have long hair, don’t consider cutting it. The very loooong hair is hot in 2017, so take good care of your precious locks and let them grow! If you have shorter hair, use hair extensions to get your crop longer. You can purchase long quality hair extensions here

Flipped Hair and Side Parting

If you’re not so much into the middle parting, this hair trend is right for you. The flipped hair gives a casual and random yet sexy look. Flip your hair to one side and let it stay there, add a bit of volume or mess and you’re stylish as h…

The High Ponytail

The cool and sporty high ponytail is re-entering the fashion scene. This hairstyle is very simple and not time consuming to make. If you think this is a boring look, you’re wrong! What makes the ponytail  one of my favourite hair trends 2017 is that it can be made in so many different ways depending on what look you want and how much time you have.