5 Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions

This blog will cover 5 Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions, Hope you enjoy and share!

  1. Buy a Hair Weft – A hair weft is a section of hair which can be either synthetic or real that is sewn together on top. Buy it from Belong Hair Store here.
    When you have purchased it take you hair to your local specialist and get them to sew a few clips onto the top of the hair weft. This will make sure you can secure it onto your head. Also, be sure to buy a longer length so you’re not paying for extra hair as this can be a bit pricey
  2. Put your hair extensions in upside down (my personal favourite) – If you’re planning on wearing your hair up and want to add more volume, place the clip-in upside down against your roots making sure it is underneath so no one can see. That way you will ensure that the hair extension is facing in the correct direction. To pull off this look off, take the end of a teasing comb and section your hair into a top and bottom layer then clip the top section up. Tease the spots near the root where the clips will go and place the hair extension in. Finally, continue pulling your hair up into the look you want.
  3. Get a professional to cut your hair extensions – You can buy quality and value for money hair extensions, like our 3A Standard Clip In Hair extension Range From here, and have your stylist cut them for your requirements. They can also walk you through on how to put them in properly, so when you do it, it will look spot on.
  4. Get Help From Sponge Rollers – If you’re using a synthetic hair extension and your hair is naturally curly or wavy firstly dampen the strands with water the night before you plan on wearing them and let them dry naturally . As they are drying, take a large sponge roller roll the hair up into them, and leave the curlers in overnight. Anytime you’re changing the texture of hair, even if it’s synthetic, you have to wet the hair.
  5. Make Your Real Hair Match – If you have natural straight hair and want to wear a synthetic extension, add a little shine serum, like Pauls hair and beauty Here at £5.99 to your hair before applying the faux strands. This will help your real hair match the sheen of the extensions. If you have human hair extensions, even better! you can do whatever you do to your own hair and the faux strands, such as flat iron them and add shine spray.
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