Russian Remy Hair Extensions

Russian remy hair extensions have long monopolised the world of hair extensions. In fact, remy hair is the most popular for clip in human hair extensions, having grown incrementally in favour over the last decade. Unfortunately, the definition of what remy hair actually is has become an ambiguous topic. But fear not – here at Belong Hair, we’re here to untangle the facts from the myths.

Russian Remy Hair Extensions


What is remy hair?
Remy hair is human hair that is collected and bundled together so that the cuticles are intact and lay in the same direction – that is, from root to tip – from the moment the hair is cut from the donor, until it reaches the recipient of the human hair extensions. The hair cuticles run from the base of the scalp to the tip of hair strand, vertically.
There are two types of remy hair. Double drawn remy hair is hand collected, and nearly 100% of the strands are of the same length. Single drawn remy hair is hair used for human hair extensions that is collected from one donor, with short and long hairs collected into the bundle. Double drawn remy hair is considered to be grade 7A, where single drawn remy hair is considered to be 6A grade human hair extension hair.

The main attraction for remy hair is that is always natural human hair, and is not mixed with any synthetic hair or fibres.
There are many vendors of human hair extensions online who claim that their extensions are made from remy hair, when in fact they are not. The main clue as to whether the hair is genuinely remy hair is that it is extremely smooth and soft for the lifespan of the weave. Remy hair has often been compared to the texture of silk. Russian Remy Hair Extensions should not tangle as easily, as the cuticles are running in the same direction, eliminating knotting and sticking. Genuine remy human hair extensions can be coloured and styled, and, with the proper care, can last up to 2 years or longer.

What is our Russian Remy Hair Extensions?
Our human hair extensions are made with Russian remy hair. This high quality, soft and easily malleable hair is one of the best types of hair in the industry. Russian hair is known for its strength, quality and dark colour. The hair comes from the Northern territories of Russia and remains pure, meaning that it has never been coloured or treated in any way. Russian remy hair is far superior to supplies of hair coming from India, China and Europe. Experts claim it is the genetic superiority of the hair that makes Russian remy human hair extensions so valuable. Therefore, the rarity of this hair makes it well sought after. As this is hair is such superior quality, it makes for the most exclusive human hair extensions. At Belong Hair, we use only the best grades of Russian remy hair for our human hair extensions, ranging from 5A to 7A Russian remy hair. Please see our gorgeous range of colourful human hair extensions for more precise details.


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