Supreme 7A Russian Hair Extensions Pre Bonded

◦ Type: Pre bonded U-tip 100% human hair

◦ Style: Straight

◦ Materials: Finest 100% Human hair in the world, High Keratin glue

◦ Weight: 1g x 20 strands

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Supreme Grade 7A Russian Pre bonded Hair Extensions

Pre bonded human hair is one of most popular products of hair extensions, also called nail tip

BELONG 7A Supreme Pre bonded Russian Hair  extensions comes with 1g per strand, 20strands of strips of hair pre bonded with highest quality keratin which is the safest natural bonding agent available. Nail tip hair can be used with most heat connectors, which can be treated exactly the same as your own hair. As it is made of 100% Human hair, it can be cut, straightened and curled. These extensions should last 12+ months with proper maintenance and care, everything that you do with your own hair can be done with 7A Supreme Russian BELONG extensions.

As part of the top best range in the world, these pre-bonded Nail U tip extensions have been created from hand selected Russian  human hair, graded as 7A Supreme. As the hair has been sourced by Belong it is soft to the touch, with a silky straight finish. Thanks to the natural moisture in the hair, the pre-bonded hair extensions have a healthy sheen which makes  sure  no tangling. Once the extensions have been applied, you can treat them as you would your own hair; use heated styling tools, blow dryers and even cut the hair. However we do recommend using specially designed aftercare products to ensure the high quality of the hair lasts for longer.

it is also called Nail tip or U tip hair extensions have been pre-bonded  with a high quality keratin glue. This is one of the safest bonding agents to use and it can be removed from the hair without causing any damage using a bonding remover. At 1 grams per strand Belong hair are offering greater thickness than many other competitors in the market. This equals thicker, fuller hair extensions without as many bonds in the hair. Each packet includes 20 strands of nail tip hair, however we recommend purchasing 6 to 8 packets for full head coverage.

How to use:

  1. Begin by sectioning a row of hair from side to side at the bottom of the head.
  2. Take a strand of hair, approximately the same size as the extension and slide on a scalp protector shield at the root. This protects the scalp from heat and melted glue.
  3. Select a strand of nail tip hair and place the U shape bond over the top of your own hair, roughly 1cm down from the scalp.
  4. Once in place, take a heat connector tool and insert the bond inside the clamps. Some heat connector tools have a special lip for the bond to fit into. Squeeze shut the clamps and leave for a few seconds to allow the glue to melt. Please be aware that the clamps and the glue will be very hot so it is advisable to be very careful during this stage.
  5. Once the glue is melted sufficiently, the heat connector can be removed. At this point we recommend placing rubber finger protectors on your forefinger and thumb in order to roll the glue into a solid circular shape. This forms a stronger bond and smoother surface.
  6. Leave the scalp protector shield in place as the glue is drying to ensure the bond does not become attached to any other pieces of hair and continue to repeat the process for other strands to cover the head.

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